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20 Day shipping delay


this affects people who had shipping dates on

May 10,
May 20,
June 1st.

Please watch this video message

Then if you could, please email me or fill out this form.


ok, I replied, I’ll wait for the upgrade. How much for the new LED upgrade ?

BTW, the 2 metal bars we put to support the fan, I received 4 of them … I hope someone is not gonna miss them …

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Thank you. But you already have yours. You were not really addressed in this video. :slight_smile:

you said those who ship may 10th, that’s me …

Maybe I can later order the new led if it really work better ? :open_mouth: :hushed:

ah yes, true

yes, there will be an update kit with the double filter and new LED. I can ship you you that.

Some of the people with 10th shipping date haven’t shipped, thats what the vid was for.

I’ll send you an email

Hi @Volker.

Does this situation apply to me???

According that what we talked about, my shipment will be sent tomorrow.

Let me know ASAP please.

No, yours is scheduled as planned.

Just sent you an email @Volker


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Ok @Volker

Thanks for that hard work.

Really appreciate it.


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I’ve emailed you, please let me know!

Hey mate I’m happy to wait until July For the upgraded version my email from my order was jwolf95@
Let me know if you want me to email as well

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Thanks, noted.

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I’m still delayed on the shipment, but we’re making good progress.

We’re shipping about 2 per day and working on getting faster.

Thank you




Are those who are willing to wait until late July receiving an e-Mail confirming the Changes made? :green_heart:

When will all delayed May 10 shippings be finished? Can we expect it to be ready this week so you can ship the last ones next week?

No, sorry. but if you added yourself into this form, then you can be sure I got it.

I’m not 100% sure, but many will be completed by Tuesday, including yours.

Hi,email sent,I will wait for the update one…

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@Volker can you please check your email when you get a chance? … i’ve sent you over an email concerning my tent order. thanks.