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A different way to remove the smell

I once did a survey on YouTube, asking what what everyone’s main concern is when growing the herb.

The #1 biggest concern was: The smell.

Because no matter what the legal situation is, you don’t want your house to smell like weed all the time.

Here is another way to remove the smell by using a bigger air filter;

The small air filter shown on the right is the ‘normal’ one. (It already removes the smell reliably).

But for those wanting to be extra safe, a 6 Inch air filter could be used in the way shown here.

The 6-inch filter is more than 2x as big as the 4-inch filter.

It has more ‘surface’ to work its magic.

This makes your system extra safe, should you want that.

Things used:

6" Air Filter
Duct adapter 100-150mm
4" duct