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Chlorine & Chloramine in tap water

Chlorine is often used in drinking water to kill bacteria.

In grower’s circles, it is often said that we can remove chlorine by letting it ‘fizz out’.

That means letting the water stand in an open bucket for a couple of hours and let it dissipate into the air.

That is true and works.

However, there is also Chloramine in our water.

Chloramine is a more stable version of chlorine. It doesn’t ‘fizz out’.

It will disinfect the microorganisms in our soil and its no good for plant growth (or human consumption (I suppose).

One way to remove it is to use a filter like this one.

So, this is another argument for the use of a water filter. It doesn’t have to be Reverse Osmosis, but should be something that filters Chloramine and Chlorine.


Was searching filters just now and glad to find it. Thanks. Will buy tomorrow in shop

I am trying to get any needed supply wile I wait for my :tomato: TomatoTent to come. Since I am new at all this I want to try to set myself for success on a budget. At this time I can not afford a RO system but I was thinking about trying a ZeroWater ZP-010, 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter on Amazon Link below. Has anyone tried this? Do you think it would be enough water for daily watering? Thanks in advance.


silly question: can i adjust ppm but leave ph same? for example i have water ph7 but tds 1500. can i adjust tds to 10 but leave water ph 7 as it is?

I guess with filtering its possible.

Hey @iamhoffer I recently bought this Zero water filter for my weed plant. I have to say the water tastes better out of the tap. But as @Volker showed on one of his videos you can add more nutrients to the water once you have stripped it.

So I would say use it for your plant, but if you are a place like Australia or Holland where I live now, the water out of the tap just tastes better.

Thank you alastair for your feedback. I think I will order one and just use it for my plants and just keep on using the Britta for myself.

Thanks @Juckelkalle