🍅 TomatoTent Community

Forum Etiquette

Dear Members,

this community has grow steadily, a fact I love.

With a bigger community come a set of ‘rules’ to ensure we have good discussions.

Please mind your language

There are both males and females in here.

Even though the usernames often don’t reveal the gender.

I have seen ‘locker-room’ talk, (unknowingly), in reply to a female’s topic. And I cringed.

Please keep the language civil.

No ‘look it up online’ answers, please

I know it is well-meant, but an answer that merely states ‘do research on youtube, Google, etc’ … is not helpful. We all know that we can find things there.

If you have a certain, helpful video or link, post that directly.

Start your own Topics

Your photos and posts are very appreciated.

But make sure to start your own topic.

Don’t ‘hijack’ someone else’s.

That way the forum stays well organized and your posts get more attention.

Lastly, I’d like to make you aware of 3 custom ‘emojis’ for your use:
:cannabis_leaf: :joint: :nug:

Thank you for being in this community! Happy growing!