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📶 How to connect to WiFi

You can connect the Unit to Wifi.

That way, you will automatically receive software updates with new functions.

You can also monitor your tent remotely (once the app is available).

Here’s how:

Tap the display, so that the status LED is ON.

Hold the setup button (the button on the right, under the display) until the Status LED starts blinking blue.

Take your phone, tablet or computer and go to WiFi Settings.

Scan for WiFi networks … there will be one that is called Photon-xxxxx or TomatoTent-xxxx. Connect to it.

Open a Web Browser (like Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) and navigate to

Follow the instructions and connect to your Wifi.

You know that you’re connected when the status LED is slowly pulsing in the color Cyan (kinda greenish-blue)

51%20am ← Successfully connected

Please note:

5 GHz Wifi networks will not work. You need the ‘normal’ 2.4 GHz. Usually, Routers can do both.


I’m stuck with a green blinking LED.

  • Hold the setup button for a long time. The LED will start flashing blue. Keep holding … until it starts flashing blue rapidly. Then release setup and press reset.

@Volker I am still getting the green blinking light suggesting the password is wrong, but it isn’t. Can I just reset it or what?

Yes. Hold on the ‚s‘ button for a while.

You need to hold it long enough fir it to start flashing blue fast (it flashes blue first…keep holding).

Then when its flashing blue fast hit ‚reset‘.

That will clear all Wifi passwords.

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Will the wifi signal light up once it is correct? Will this drop the day counter?

The status light will be pulsing Cyan (kinda light blue) when it is successfully connected to the Internet.


The wifi Signal in the Display won’t change.

It won’t drop the day counter.

The status LED can have all kinds of colors, here’s what they all mean.

@Volker I successfully managed to connect the Unit to my WiFi. Now, how can I display the screen information remotely on my phone and how can I get the logging information like what you showed in this YouTube video?


you will have that as soon as I put the smartphone app live.

I need about 4 weeks.

Right now, WiFi gives you the benefit of getting the latest software auto-installed.

I still have problems to connect the WiFi.:frowning: no idea.

Where does it get stuck?

What color does the status light have?

I think I got the problem, but how can I fix it if this is really the problem?

Try not using a 5G network ?

I tried it also with 2,4GHz. …nothing changes.

Still Not possible to Connect to wifi

5GHZ is not supported by the WiFi chip on the controller. There is also no antenna, so the controller must be close to your wifi router.

What model router are you using?

How close must it be?
My router is Abel to use both frequences.

Now it’s around 5 m far from the router.

Do you have separate network names for 2.4ghz and 5ghz network? Does the network show up when you try to connect, or not on the list at all? What color and blink pattern do you see on the lights?

Put the grill box directly close to the router. I switched off the 5 GHz network. Just the 4.5 GHz network is running. It starts blinking blue and then the display gets black. I cannot connect at all. I need a really really good video for explanation or a kind of direct support.

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Do you mean 2.4ghz ?