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'Lamp Dimmed unintentionally' fixed


it happened that the LED was dimmed when it shouldn’t have been.

Especially in the morning after the lamp switches on.

That is now fixed.

If you’re connected to WiFi, you get the update automatically.


Hey Volker, I woke up to my lamp dimmed. Should i do a reset?

Is it humid where you live ?

It’s winter here now and I’ve been struggling to keep humidity over 45%. You doing anything? As far as I know 40-70% is ideal RH range

Trying to avoid buying a humidifier

I am in Texas. Yea it does get humid here. I thought the controller did all the humidity controlling.

The sensor tells you what the RH% is, but if the air in the room the tent is in is dry, it can’t exactly add moisture. Which is why I’m considering getting a humidifier.

The fan will speed up based on temps to cool the tent down. I’m not sure about the humidity. Maybe @Volker can chime in here

Yes, it cannot add moisture.

If your environment is really dry, you may get a humidifier.

The fan will speed up if humidity goes too high … like in the dangerous area.

But the fan mostly handles tempoerature.

They both effect each other, so its a bit tricky.

Warm air can carry more humidity … so if we lower temps humidity goes up.

That’s why the fan will act mostly on temperature. It will act on humidity only if that goes dangerously high.

I think @GA.Green has her air-sensor placed right inside the leafs of her plant … thus her reading is higher. In order to get comparable results, we should all put the sensor in the same spot.

Yes exactly. I try to reposition my sensor making sure it stays in the mix of the leaves. Thats the area i am most concerned about. @volker

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