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List of Soil and Super Soil

Here’s a list of Soils and ‘Super Soils’.

Soil = Normal soil

Super soil = Specially made to have enough nutrients, so that you don’t have to give extra fertilizer. This is kind of new and may not always work 100%.

To be continued. If you know good soil please comment on this thread.

USA :us:
Sohum Soil (Super Soil)

Canada :canada:
Buddha Soil (Super Soil)
Gaia Green (Super Soil)

Australia :australia:
EasyAsOrganics (Super Soil)
Dr. Greenthumbs (Super Soil)

Germany :de:
Compo Sana Blumenerde

Europe :soccer:
Easy Boost Soil

Spain :es:
Monkey Soil

WorldWide :earth_africa:
Mix it Yourself
General overview on potting media

Even when growing with super soil you likely need to feed the microorganisms in the soil. They need to be alive and kicking, they ‘create’ nutrients for the plant. You feed them with a so called Mycorrhizal add-on.

The 7 gal fabric pot that comes with TomatoTent can hold 3 cubic feet of soil. When using Super Soil, you want to use lots of soil … that way the nutrients won’t run out before the plant is ready.

Any recommendations in :canada:? I’ve found a few but shipping soil isn’t cheap

I don’t have any yet.

Which did you find?

Also check out this very thorough guide comparing different soils and other mediums like coco and hydro for growing. Excellent read!


image https://www.gaiagreen.com/ check out Mr. Canucks Grow on youtube. In some of his latest videos he’s been using living soil. His content is :fire: :fire: :fire:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIvYM2sB64g&has_verified=1, here’s the link, wish these guys were in :australia:

Also while I’m at it check out Pigeons420 his content is also A+

Your Welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Great content!

I use GaiaGreen because of Mr Canuck! Guy knows his stuff.

I found a local supply of organic living soil I’m going to try. https://happybuddhaorganics.com/

I also scored some beans from Mephisto Genetics ! Can’t wait to grow them. They restocked the Canadian website yesterday and it’s mostly sold out if anyone’s looking to try them!

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Great Find, that Buddha Soil looks very good.

I added it to the list.

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Very interesting posts here. I would like to try to latitudes but I am in need to try to throw my stuff in the simplest and cheapest way. So I’m using Compo soil (fertilized with a good composer of nutrition and PH balance) and organic Compo - Tomato fertilizer.:slight_smile: until noW my grow was good. I just harvested it.

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In addition to this topic : perhaps the most beautifull film about soil and roots.

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Cool, so you are drying right now?

Yes exactly.:slight_smile: but not sure how and how long I should do the curing.

Should be dry know.

When you bend a stick, do they break and crack audible?

That means its done drying

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Yes it is.:slight_smile: I started Curing. In two month the solomatic CBD from Royal Queen Seeds is ready. Two times the days Open the Glas for air circulation. Yield was 10,96 grams. This strain is typical for small plants and small yield but heard that it’s a great taste and a big amount of CBD.

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That is an interesting strain. I never tried a CBD strain.

Please report back :relieved:

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I will for sure!

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Hej Guys,

my Tomatotent will be shipped in 3 Weeks if everything is working out fine, so I am kinda already reading a lot in here due to the fact, that its going to be my first grow.
I got myself some typical Soil, which is often used for flowers, with big flower bloom.

What do you guys think? Will I need a lot more nutrients?

Nitrogen 180-600mg/L
phosphate 150-600 mg/L
potassium 500-1500 mg/l

Another aspect, i want to be Sure that its kinda free of dagerous animals, that could potentially harm my tomato, what could be a good way to kill those before planting?

Greetings from Germany, looking forward to my TomatoTent!


Hi @Stockels,

welcome to the forum!

That soil is good.

The plants will be happy in it.

But, you will still need to add nutrients.

Because after 4 weeks the nutrients will be more or less depleted.

From then on you’d start giving nutrients (starting with a careful, small dose).

This commercial soil probably has few ‘pests’ in it.

One way to make sure everything is dead, is to leave the closed bag outside in the sun.

If it’s sunny enough, the whole bag will heat up enough to kill everything.

Alternatively you can microwave it, kg by kg. :slight_smile:

That is a 2-edged sword, because you also kill the beneficial microbes.

I wouldn’t do it for that reason.

If pests develop later, you would rather just react quickly and spray with an organic pesticide to kill them.

How long do you leave it in the sun ? Several hours will do ?