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🌼 New Features coming up


these features are coming up:

Coming Features

  • Fan max speed setting (basically, to tell the controller how big your grow tent is. And then it can regulate airflow better)
  • Drying mode (let the tent slowly dry your harvest)
  • Internal fan (moving air around inside the tent)

Possibly coming (submit feedback)

  • Build your own lighting profile (sunrise, sunset, Gas Lantern Routine)
  • Humidifier or Dehumidifier

Features Built

  • Option for Celsius or Fahrenheit (you can switch)
  • Reset/change day counter
  • Dimmer time out (if you forget to let it dimmed, it’ll go back to full brightness after 15 minutes)
  • Sunrise / Sunset (Light to turn on slowly / switch off gradually like in nature… as opposed to ON /OFF).
  • better WiFi setup
  • Wifi strength + name is shown
  • Display garbled error fixed
  • Remote monitoring from your phone (details)

To have the features installed in your Controllers, please connect to Wifi.

What other features would you like to see? Comment here ▽

The dimmer timeout. One day a walked off with it still dimmed for a bit— not quite how sure but it freaks me out now so i usually always have to go and double check lol🤣

Ooooooo it would be cool to alter the days on the unit. I still havent understood the number counting gig with cannabis but… My seedlings will probably always be off if i start them during the enclosed plants harvest. :woman_shrugging:t4:

When can we expect the next update? Almost time to dry :love_you_gesture:t4::love_you_gesture:t4:

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I need to go programming again.

I’ll have it ready when you need it for drying. I think you’ll be the first to harvest from TomatoTent, apart from myself.

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I am excited. I wanted something for the new year lol @volker

@volker has the update been pushed yet? I think she is ready to harvest

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not yet :grimacing:

working on it.

What should I do? My plant is about ready to harvest? @Volker

Nice Sugarleaf crystals! When you check the trychome color, you know exactly if it’s time for the harvest.

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@volker I just unplugged the light. I attempted to change the timer to 24hrs off but that isn’t an option. Only 24 hrs on. So i am just letting it hang in a dark tent :slight_smile: with the fan and humidity still going.

Yes, that works. I plan on having the software done in 2 days

How did your drying in the tent go? Did you change the fan to be manual?

I am helping @Volker with the controller software and I’ve added this dimmer timeout feature in the latest firmware. It is available now if your controller is connected to Wi-Fi.

The screen will show how many minutes are remaining in dim mode.


The drying went just fine. I didn’t touch the fan actually just unplugged the light.

Cool. I’m going to add a way to turn off the light… I’m thinking maybe double click on the button will be used to toggle on/off.


In the latest release (available since last week), you can now double-click the dimmer button to turn off the LED. This can be used for drying, and also for other maintenance tasks (like if you need to adjust the lights up/down without blinding yourself).

In the next release (coming in a few days), I’ve added Sunrise/Sunset emulation so the lights fade on/off over 10 minutes instead of changing abruptly.

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The release with sunrise/sunset is now available!

The Wi-Fi settings screen also got a makeover. When you click Wi-Fi icon, it should say “TomatoTent v12” if you’re in the latest version.


What’s the % beside the network mean?

WiFi signal strength

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