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Noisy Fan Replacement Program


some of you have received TomatoTent with a fan that is too loud.

The factory, unfortunately, has used faulty units. And I did not catch the mistake in time.

If you have this model:

On the inside, the fan has the identifier QFR1212GHE

This fan is too loud.

So I’d like to replace it.

Here how to request your new fan

Click here and place the order.


This is a Warranty replacement. It is free of charge.

Some owners have kindly offered to help pay for the costs. If so, the price is 22 EUR ($25).

You will have the option to choose between free and ‘cost support’ in the online order page here.

Time Frame

The fans ship in mid-July.


You will receive a complete new fan. You can exchange it by unplugging the old one and plugging in the new one.


This video shows the difference between the defect fan and the proper fan:

Click here to start your replacement.


Yeah, I love the new fan …

I think the purchasing site needs to be fixed:


Thanks. Fixed

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Wow, great customer service! The new fan is remarkably silent. This will be great!


Damn… that old fan sound Nasty!!

Love ya work @Volker


I would love to chip in some $$$ for the replacement fan but spent $110 on a new carbon filter because my neighbour contacted my landlord about strange smells coming from my garage. Chopped it a week or two early. Had time dry it but fair to say I won’t be growing for abit.

Sorry to hear that.

If thats ok with you, I will send you a double filter LED as soon as they’re ready. They you’ll have 2 carbon filters running.

Hi @Volker

Has a smell test been done with the 2 filter system?? A video on this somehow measuring would be great plus good marketing on your product…

Sorry to hear @Rattlehead989 … did you have any filter running?

I was using the single filter I got with the tent. I probably should have bought a replacement filter sooner but money has been tight. This is what I bought.

Hopefully it works well when I start growing again. (Probably will wait til summer)


So the single filter works fine … its just that you needed to replace yours??

How often should you replace the filter?

Im a little worried now as i live in a tiny apartment with regular inspections from land lord… i was planning on putting the tent in the built in robe hidden… Im hoping there is no smell :hushed:

The average time to replace the filter is around 1.5-3 years. Sometimes one can also just open the filter housing and replace the activated carbon inside.

As my package included no carbon filter I bought one at Amazon. It’s also a huge 450mm design with a carbon bed depth of 38mm.

One could also upgrade the air duct with someting more air tight and a 3 layer design. But you cannot compress these 3 layer air ducts as good as the 1 layer one. When the LED moves up later one has to change the duct for a shorter one or use a tent with more height (there are few 40x40x160cm tents)

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Any news on the fan? I received a notice that the fan is ready for shipment on June 22nd.
An update would be nice!

Yes, I have received the fans and they ship next week.


Great, thanks!

Have the fans shipped?

You should have an email with Tracking Nr.

These will start traveling tomorrow, some on Monday.

Awesome! Thank you so much! :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

My original fan stopped working and I was notified I would receive a replacement. I filled out the replacement request. Will this fan work when plugged into the computer?