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Software update available

Hello everyone,

a software update was just released and if your Tomatotent is on WiFi, you could hit ‘reset’ to initiate the update.

The update was written by @tmm1 (:pray: Thank you) and it does some cool stuff.

Firstly it switches the lamp back to full brightness after 15 Minutes if you forget you pressed the dim button. So your plants get full light. The feature was suggested by @GA.Green

It also fixes a bug with fan speed and C/F switching.

Talk soon,


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@Volker great to finally get an update. Thanks

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Does “reseting” the device also restart the # of days growing? Or will it remember how many days I am currently at in my grow?

It will remember your grow.

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Whats the secret on the timer setting? It is really throwing me off having my plant up at night and sleep while i an awake— she keeps suffering from being under watered. How can i change it?

Yeah I wish @Volker would respond to emails. I’m also waiting on a broken piece and one of the big selling items for me on this tent setup was the water/soil sensor !
But no replies for months it feels like

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One trick you can use is to increase the light off time until the unit enters night mode. Then, you can reduce the light off time back down and it will say in night mode for that long. This will advance your day counter, but will let you reset the photoperiod and control when “night” starts.

Let me know if that works for you. I’m also looking into better controls for the timer and day counter so you can reset/change more easily.

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Resetting the device does not reset the day counter.

You can also now set the day counter to any day you like, in case you start midway during a grow or so.