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app is out!

Its so easy to use, you don‘t even have to download or install anything.

Works on any smart phone.

Here‘s how:

Connect TomatoTent to WiFi.

On TomatoTent, tap the little WiFi symbol in the top right corner of the screen.

You will see this:


Use your phone camera to scan the QR Code.
(the QR code is the square in the right)

Point your phone‘s camera at it.

It will open your Tomatotent‘s Dashbord.

Make sure to bookmark (save) that web address, so you have it with you all the time.

Credit for building this: @tmm1


@tmm1 just got connected and am very impressed ! This is awesome. Thanks for your hardwork!

Everyone get on this cause it looks sweet And provides a lot of data. You’ll be able to quickly tell if anything ever changed in your tent !


Thanks @mburnie!

With the soil sensor it becomes even more useful. I used to keep forgetting how long since I watered, but now I can just check the graph and see exactly how long it has been.

Is there an option on the app to switch to Celcius?

Just a suggestion, you can create two URL’s a Fahrenheit URL and Celsius URL that the user can be bookmarked what URL prefers without any change in the code, for sure that will be nice if the software of TomatoTent send a JSON with the UNIT Temperature that the user selected in the screen but I know that it will require more code.

In this article, the guy creates something like your solution and he is using Grafana also:

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Thats a good way of doing it. Thank you

To switch to Celsius, now you can click on the “Temperature” header above the graph.


to switch to Celsius:

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.55.36 am


Amazing, our community are the best one :smiley:


Hey Guys,

Dont know if this is posted anywhere else…

Are there any upcoming features for the app? e.g alerts, range setting etc

Was just having a browse on the SensorPush and PulseGrow for ideas for us


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